Welcome to JOOSH

Once upon a time in a faraway South Canterbury land lived a little girl called Merran, but her brother called her gooby. The wee girl grew into a magical fairy princess queen. She was given some special stardust by a unicorn called Robert and one day made a wish sprinkling the dust along a Geraldine street. Out of the ashes rose a shopping wonderland. Merran called it JOOSH. The magical Joosh kingdom was filled with laughter and beautiful gifts from around the globe.. exclusive jewellery, handbags, beautiful baby clothes and toys, cool stuff for blokes and awesome art and unique home ware for your own castle. Queen Merran has now unlocked the gift kingdom for you to come and play every day..

Joosh oozes style and funk that you cannot forget....

We’re loud and we’re local and it’s time that we met

Gifts litter the walls – treats for you or a friend

Everything for precious wee ones, and gifts you can send

Jewellery, watches and the latest handbags in fashion....

Get bitten now by the contagious Joosh passion!